The Music of Trinity

trin * Precursor: I know nothing of music theory or taken any classes for this. I am, by no means, an expert in this area.

It is my understanding that a chord is made up of three notes. Chords are based off of scale of 1-7. So a major chord is when 1,3,and 5 are played at the same time. For instance: a G Chord is made of the notes G(1),B(3), and D(5) being played at the same time.

Have I lost you? Hopefully not; you do not have to really understand what I just said, stick with me.

Have you ever had a difficult time understanding or explaining realities of the trinity? One God, three persons Father, Son, Holy Spirit; each distinct yet not a part of the whole, but each a whole

If I sat at a piano and played the note, G The sound would fill the room we sat in. The note alone could fill the entire space with its sound. That note never changes. That G is always G. Same with a B and D.

But if I play these three distinct notes at the exact same time they make one whole Chord that is beautiful and it also fills the entire space we are in with its sound while each of these three notes also fills the entire space with their sound

You can sit and think about this all day. I have...several days.

You're Welcome: Sugar & the Hi Lows

Every once in a while, there are things I just cannot get enough of, and I feel it is my duty to spread the word. There are times those things are websites. Other times they are books, and many times they are music artists. Right now, I cannot get enough of Sugar & the Hi Lows. Their sound is reminicent but so refreshing. If you have never heard them, you're welcome. Other artists on frequent rotation on music player: - Beautiful Eulogy - Alabama Shakes - Propaganda - Churchill

Songs on frequent rotation: - Beautiful Eulogy by Beautiful Eulogy - We Will Run/He is Here - Live by Gungor - Awake My Soul - with Lecrae by Chris Tomlin - Came to My Rescue by Hillsong - Two Day High by Sugar & the Hi Lows (video below) ------- What is on your frequent rotation right now? [youtube]

You're Welcome: Seryn

I commonly come into various obsessions with bands and artists. Right now, I cannot stop listening to Seryn. There is not much I could say to describe them in comparison to other artists. It just really is fantastic music. Here is a live performance of Beach Song. It is not even my favorite song on their album, but the video is pretty good quality. Enjoy! [youtube]

3 Easy Steps to My Give-away!!!

A couple weeks ago, I released my 4 track spoken word EP at my bandcamp page. Even though $4 does not seem like much to pay, I would like to give away a couple free downloads of my EP. Here are the rules to be entered for a chance to win one of those downloads. 1. Go to my bandcamp page and listen to each track.  2. Write a blog post about the EP. Talk about what you like or dislike about it. Talk about your favorite track from the EP and why it is your favorite. Encourage your readers to check it out. (be sure to include a link to 3. Tweet me, Email Me, or post to my facebook wall a link to your post.

And thats it! I will randomly choose 2 winners Thursday (3/22) and contact the winners with their free download instructions.

Turn it Up: songs I MUST sing out loud

There are certain songs you cannot contain with silent listening. They are the songs that make you check your car with paranoia (even though you KNOW you're the only one there.) They are the songs which are wrecking your steering wheel with repetitious beatings. These are not your "favorite" songs of all time. They are simply the ones which you cannot help but sing aloud.

Mine (in no specific order) are:

Show Me A Little Shame - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Another Horsedreamer's Blues - Counting Crows Ashes and Flames - John Mark McMillan Baby's Got Sauce - G.Love and Special Sauce Closer - John Mark McMillan Any Way You Want It - Journey In A Sweater Poorly Knit - Mewithoutyou The Cave - Mumford & Sons Secret of the Easy Yoke - Pedro the Lion Rise from the Ashes - Quietdrive Piano Man - Billy Joel Shine Your Light On Us - Robbie Seay Band Be Near - Shane & Shane All The Same - Sick Puppies Make This Go On Forever - Snow Patrol Gold and Silver - Stavesacre Freefall - Stavesacre Times - Tenth Avenue North


What songs MUST you sing out loud?

My Most Favorite Music Ever

High Fidelity ruined me forever. I have an addiction for lists. After being inspired by a friend of mine and her recent post, I had to think about this one. I too go through phases, and I am always trying  out new music. So this is not too easy to list, but there are some artists who will never be far away from my heart. They will always keep getting play time no matter how many new artists I come across. This is that list...

Counting Crows Pedro the Lion The Glorious Unseen Mewithoutyou Ben Harper William Fitzsimmons City & Colour Mumford&Sons


Who are the artists you simply will not ever get over?

Latest Musical Obsession(s)

I listen to music all the time; always adding artists to the list to try out. No matter how much music I listen to in a given time, I always have one artist or group I am currently obsessed with. No matter how much music I come across and try in a week, there is always some one I cannot stop listening to. Here is a list from current back as long as I can remember... 1. - current obsession - Mumford & Sons (favorite songs: Little Lion Man, The Cave, Roll Away Your Stone, and White Blank Page) [youtube=] 2. William Fitzsimmons (Kylie, Problem of Pain, After Afterall, Heartless, and Passion Play) [youtube=] 3. City and Colour (Save Your Scissors, Constant Knot, Casey's Song, Like Knives, and Confessions) [youtube=] 4. The Glorious Unseen (Close to Your Heart, Hear Our Prayers, Tonight the Stars Speak, All Around, and Take Whats Left of Me)

5. Ray Lamontagne (How Come, Barfly, Three More Days, Trouble, and Let It Be Me)

6. Damien Rice (Cannonball, The Blowers Daughter, Professor, Volcano, and 9 Crimes)