Mumford And Sons

New Prop Album

While Mumford & Sons release their highly anticipated album next Tuesday, there is one other record I am itching to get my hands on. Propaganda is one of my favorite poets and artists right now. He writes and speaks with boldness for the gospel that is not the typical Christian art which generally feels like watered down second-hands of mainstream art. Propaganda blows up everything he touches, and I cannot wait for this next record.


Lyrics Week: Mumford & Sons

"Where you invest your love; you invest your life."

The sense of the eternal is palpable in this song (Awake My Soul) and particularly in the lyric:

In these bodies we will live. In these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love; you invest your life.

Our bodies and our circumstances are only temporary, and the only things which last are things like love, faith, and hope. Of course the things we worry most about are rarely the amount of energy, time, and effort we put toward love, faith, and hope. We can nearly kill ourselves with the amount of energy we expend on the things which will always fail us because they simply cannot last.

Once your body dies, there will be no remembrance of the amount of hours you spent at work. The numbers on the scale you fluctuated through will reveal how pointless they always were. Even if you are buried with them, those gadgets you fought so hard to acquire will be older than antiques and just as worthless.

Once your body dies, those who knew you will speak aloud of how much you loved. Under their breathe, they will speak perhaps of the lack of love you gave.

The only sad thing of this thought is if I think upon that and choose not to make the comments under the breathe be the same as those spoken aloud!

My Most Favorite Music Ever

High Fidelity ruined me forever. I have an addiction for lists. After being inspired by a friend of mine and her recent post, I had to think about this one. I too go through phases, and I am always trying  out new music. So this is not too easy to list, but there are some artists who will never be far away from my heart. They will always keep getting play time no matter how many new artists I come across. This is that list...

Counting Crows Pedro the Lion The Glorious Unseen Mewithoutyou Ben Harper William Fitzsimmons City & Colour Mumford&Sons


Who are the artists you simply will not ever get over?

Latest Musical Obsession(s)

I listen to music all the time; always adding artists to the list to try out. No matter how much music I listen to in a given time, I always have one artist or group I am currently obsessed with. No matter how much music I come across and try in a week, there is always some one I cannot stop listening to. Here is a list from current back as long as I can remember... 1. - current obsession - Mumford & Sons (favorite songs: Little Lion Man, The Cave, Roll Away Your Stone, and White Blank Page) [youtube=] 2. William Fitzsimmons (Kylie, Problem of Pain, After Afterall, Heartless, and Passion Play) [youtube=] 3. City and Colour (Save Your Scissors, Constant Knot, Casey's Song, Like Knives, and Confessions) [youtube=] 4. The Glorious Unseen (Close to Your Heart, Hear Our Prayers, Tonight the Stars Speak, All Around, and Take Whats Left of Me)

5. Ray Lamontagne (How Come, Barfly, Three More Days, Trouble, and Let It Be Me)

6. Damien Rice (Cannonball, The Blowers Daughter, Professor, Volcano, and 9 Crimes)