For my childhood

For my childhood, I'd like to thank: - orange Nerf footballs - Toaster Strudels - Looney Toons - Super Tecmo Bowl - Big Foot monster truck - Hulk Hogan (and the Hulkamaniacs) - Banana Seats - Used word processor - Muncie Mission - Bottle Rockets - Semi-truck wall paper - Tennis-shoe blanket - Generic brands - Pegged jeans and Eastland shoes - Mrs. Davidson, Mr. Osborn, and Mr. Mason - "Pandoubty" - Mrs. Skinner sunday school - Homemade pizza - Homemade ice-cream - Staying up late to watch the superbowl - books (made of paper)

Don't Cry for Me [list]

I married my dream girl I have a daughter I am smitten by I have a family who are vocally proud of who I am I have in-laws I am proud to call family I have 1.5 college degrees from expensive private universities I work with college students every day I have incredible students I have spoken and/or performed all over the country I have a day job that is VERY close to my 'dream job' I have some of the best friends I could ever wish for I lost 70+ pounds a few years ago and have not returned to "that weight" I live within 2hrs of the ocean, the desert, Tahoe, the mountains, SanFran and Fresno I had a hotdog and a coffee with Brennan Manning I have stood front row center at a Counting Crows concert I have seen 6 Counting Crows concerts I have learned life-lessons from homeless men I have jumped from a 100ft pole into nothing I still read and write with these things called pen and paper I have seen Michael Jordan play basketball twice I flush my toilet with cleaner water than most of the world ever sees My friends' dogs dress and eat better than most of the world's people My baristas know me by name (and I know theirs) I have sat in on a Second City comedy school class I was once Retweeted by Adam Duritz I get free books in exchange for writing about them. (win win) I drive a Scion xB I am a devout Mac user named PC I have tested and solidified a faith over time I have been ambushed by the love of Jesus in a way I'll never recover from.

No matter how stuck you feel or trapped you feel, you always have reason for a list like this.

My Most Favorite Music Ever

High Fidelity ruined me forever. I have an addiction for lists. After being inspired by a friend of mine and her recent post, I had to think about this one. I too go through phases, and I am always trying  out new music. So this is not too easy to list, but there are some artists who will never be far away from my heart. They will always keep getting play time no matter how many new artists I come across. This is that list...

Counting Crows Pedro the Lion The Glorious Unseen Mewithoutyou Ben Harper William Fitzsimmons City & Colour Mumford&Sons


Who are the artists you simply will not ever get over?