I Am My Most Creative When...

When it would seem your creativity is running dry and pallid, it is always good to know the moments you are most creative and make those moments happen. They may be different for each person, but there may also be several similarities. I am my most creative when...

1. I watch/listen to certain movies/music I have created more after a viewing of Dead Poets Society than I could even count or categorize here. When writing is a primary outlet for me, there are a few movies like this that spark my heart and mind to create.

I know a friend whose brother was in advertising in Chicago, and his company gave him a monthly budget to be solely spent on his personal entertainment (movies, music, video games, etc) because they believed it was investment for them as it sparked his creativity.

2. I get to see others express their art A singer songwriter in a coffee shop or an art walk through gallery after gallery! Just seeing the creation, expression, and art of others sparks the creative heart with me. Whether it be just ideas gained or simply inspiration, these sorts of things have a way of setting our creativity to flame.

3. I let my mind wander This is just simple psychology. I have read of a few different studies that show our minds are their most creative when they are allowed to disengage from the rigidity. Our brains are most creative when they are allowed to wander without force. Set time to make that happen!

4. I give time Speaking of setting time! My biggest creative block is simply a lack of time. I am not certain whether it is a poor excuse or a lack of strong concern, but if I really want creativity to be a part of what I do, it must have its time. I need to paint more, write more often, go to more shows, attend more readings and allow my mind to wander.


When are you your most creative?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.