Turn it Up: songs I MUST sing out loud

There are certain songs you cannot contain with silent listening. They are the songs that make you check your car with paranoia (even though you KNOW you're the only one there.) They are the songs which are wrecking your steering wheel with repetitious beatings. These are not your "favorite" songs of all time. They are simply the ones which you cannot help but sing aloud.

Mine (in no specific order) are:

Show Me A Little Shame - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Another Horsedreamer's Blues - Counting Crows Ashes and Flames - John Mark McMillan Baby's Got Sauce - G.Love and Special Sauce Closer - John Mark McMillan Any Way You Want It - Journey In A Sweater Poorly Knit - Mewithoutyou The Cave - Mumford & Sons Secret of the Easy Yoke - Pedro the Lion Rise from the Ashes - Quietdrive Piano Man - Billy Joel Shine Your Light On Us - Robbie Seay Band Be Near - Shane & Shane All The Same - Sick Puppies Make This Go On Forever - Snow Patrol Gold and Silver - Stavesacre Freefall - Stavesacre Times - Tenth Avenue North


What songs MUST you sing out loud?

PC Walker

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