You Are Smarter Than That: why my book has no bullet points

Everything you read today about blogging, writing, creating, and marketing indicates the need to make it easier to read. You are supposed to make it easy to scroll your way through and get to 5 easy steps, 7 reasons why, or some other form of bulleted lists. My book, Beneath Broken Machines (hopefully releasing in Fall 2016) has no bullet points or lists, and here is why.

10 Random Facts

A friend of mine, Malisa, recently created a similar post. Since I also love to make random lists, this was a idea to me. 1. I played football for 7 years and trumpet for 9. I hated marching band but loved concert band. I never had to march because I played football. I was a first chair trumpet player and an offensive tackle. I grew to hate playing football year round, so I quit my senior year. Once I realized, "I'll have to march now," I quit trumpet the same time.

2. I cannot start a movie and not finish it in the same sitting. My brain just will not allow it.

3. My first regular job was a bagger and cart wrangler at Meijer in Muncie, IN...BUT my first paying job was as the Easter Bunny in the mall.

4. I am outrageously introverted and mild-mannered and relatively soft-spoken, which is obvious to some and perhaps very surprising to most.

5. I love using dry erase markers on windows for meeting purposes. Who needs a white board when I have these dry erase markers in my bag right now. Oh, and...

6. I don't carry a purse. I carry a book bag. Thank you very much.

7. If I were not in full time ministry, I think I would like to be a window washer.

8. I love making lists. Yes, I sort of include to-do lists, but I am talking more about High Fidelity sorts of lists. My top 5 this or thats! My 5 hypothetical things I would want. I may enjoy doing this too much.

9. I cannot do a cartwheel, but I get urges to do them every once in a while. One of these days, there will be an hilarious show for all those around me...

10. One of my favorite childhood toys was a used word-processor. I loved writing even then. I wrote stories. I wrote letters to magazine editors just to see if it would show up in the "Letters to the Editor" section.

QUESTION: What are the lies OTHER people tell themselves?

After yesterday's post, I wanted to rephrase the question for further answers. Yesterday, the question brought great answers regarding the lies we tell ourselves. I intentionally listed that question first as I imagined that today's question is easier to answer. It is always easier to see the problems other people have than our own. But question remains for today.

The question: What are the lies OTHER people tell themselves? The context: whatever you like (about relationships, about our faith, about work, about creativity, about addictions, about passions, about life in general)

Examples: He will love me if I put out. My dream is not worth pursuing because…. They don’t and couldn’t like me because… I will always be alone. Life is pointless. God could never love ME.  Facebook is real community. The Raiders are a good football team. This product will make my life better. I deserve this.

Please respond with your answers here.

You mail email your anonymous responses to 

For my childhood

For my childhood, I'd like to thank: - orange Nerf footballs - Toaster Strudels - Looney Toons - Super Tecmo Bowl - Big Foot monster truck - Hulk Hogan (and the Hulkamaniacs) - Banana Seats - Used word processor - Muncie Mission - Bottle Rockets - Semi-truck wall paper - Tennis-shoe blanket - Generic brands - Pegged jeans and Eastland shoes - Mrs. Davidson, Mr. Osborn, and Mr. Mason - "Pandoubty" - Mrs. Skinner sunday school - Homemade pizza - Homemade ice-cream - Staying up late to watch the superbowl - books (made of paper)

Lessons I guess I'm still learning...

- apply sunblock - check tire pressure regularly - check oil regularly - fill the ice bucket in the freezer - write it down so you don't forget - creativity requires dedicated time - your dream requires dedicated time - test your blood-sugar after you eat....also. - workout - take the grill inside or cover it - you don't LIKE're allergic to it - write for the passion of it; not always just the work of it

------ What lessons do you KEEP FORGETTING? 

People Can't Believe I Like

After upsetting some people with my things People Can't Believe I Don't Like, I figured I should write a follow-up post for some possible redemption. (Perhaps I'll lose friends over this list as well, actually!) People Can't Believe I Like: So You Think You Can Dance the color purple (not the movie) cold and rainy weather light roast coffees working out (P90X...running...any exercise) washing windows (and mirrors) Erykah Badu, Regina Spektor, or Fiona Apple peas pedicures (don't hate unless you've actually tried it) volleyball (more recent friends are surprised by this, but certainly not old friends)

What are some things people are surprised to find out that you like?