Help Me Pick A Book Cover

Help Me Pick A Book Cover

I have already signed on the dotted line with Westbow Press, and must of the front matter and first two chapters are complete. Also, I have a designer for the cover art. A great friend Gabe Wahl! I would really like your help choosing the cover. 

QUESTION: What are the lies we tell ourselves?

I am working on a project right now, and I need your brainstorming feedback. The question: "What are the lies we tell ourselves?" The context: whatever you like (about relationships, about our faith, about work, about creativity, about addictions, about passions, about life in general)

Examples: He will love me if I put out. My dream is not worth pursuing because.... They don't and couldn't like me because... I will always be alone. Life is pointless. God could never love ME.  Facebook is real community. The Raiders are a good football team. This product will make my life better. I deserve this.

So, the question has been asked; please respond here with your answers.

You may anonymously email your lies to

You Are Writing My Blog Next Week

Words contain power concepts explode with it.

One conceptual word can contain vast definitions.

Next week, each day You will only find a word on my post.

Comment with your definition of that word Comment with your antithesis of that word Comment with a quote you've held on to about that word

YOU write my blog next week.

People Can't Believe I Like

After upsetting some people with my things People Can't Believe I Don't Like, I figured I should write a follow-up post for some possible redemption. (Perhaps I'll lose friends over this list as well, actually!) People Can't Believe I Like: So You Think You Can Dance the color purple (not the movie) cold and rainy weather light roast coffees working out (P90X...running...any exercise) washing windows (and mirrors) Erykah Badu, Regina Spektor, or Fiona Apple peas pedicures (don't hate unless you've actually tried it) volleyball (more recent friends are surprised by this, but certainly not old friends)

What are some things people are surprised to find out that you like?