You Are Smarter Than That: why my book has no bullet points

Everything you read today about blogging, writing, creating, and marketing indicates the need to make it easier to read. You are supposed to make it easy to scroll your way through and get to 5 easy steps, 7 reasons why, or some other form of bulleted lists. My book, Beneath Broken Machines (hopefully releasing in Fall 2016) has no bullet points or lists, and here is why.

You Are Writing My Blog Next Week

Words contain power concepts explode with it.

One conceptual word can contain vast definitions.

Next week, each day You will only find a word on my post.

Comment with your definition of that word Comment with your antithesis of that word Comment with a quote you've held on to about that word

YOU write my blog next week.

Gone Is The Written Word - A Preview

This post is a preview of next week here at Ragamuffin Ramblings. I have noticed with the frequency of blogging, I rarely pour out on the written pages of my journal. Since I have been been blogging more and more over the course of the last 6-7 years (has it been that long?!?!), I notice less and less physical writing in my journal; a pastime I cannot ever imagine being rid of (I'd likely die inside). So here is a preview of what all my posts next week will look like...

What's next for PC...

Each time I speak somewhere, there is a thought and prayer that ambushes my heart.

"My God, why would you use me...again?"

2010 has a lot of promise for dreaming big and acting on those dreams. I cannot help but praise and thank God for continuing to open opportunities to write and speak for and about a grace and gospel I barely understand, or a mission to a domestic culture and demographic that grows increasingly foreign to the Church.

So are some things coming down the pike for me...




  • Ragamuffin Ramblings will be taking on a face lift very soon. Keep your eye out for that!
  • Sac State has a new semester that I am excited to be around for!

I would love to speak for your group, retreat, conference, etc. Please drop a line here for more info or email to request promotional material.

Thank you all for your encouragement to follow the dream God has instilled within me. I love what I do and only want to keep on keepin' on.