10 Random Facts

A friend of mine, Malisa, recently created a similar post. Since I also love to make random lists, this was a idea to me. 1. I played football for 7 years and trumpet for 9. I hated marching band but loved concert band. I never had to march because I played football. I was a first chair trumpet player and an offensive tackle. I grew to hate playing football year round, so I quit my senior year. Once I realized, "I'll have to march now," I quit trumpet the same time.

2. I cannot start a movie and not finish it in the same sitting. My brain just will not allow it.

3. My first regular job was a bagger and cart wrangler at Meijer in Muncie, IN...BUT my first paying job was as the Easter Bunny in the mall.

4. I am outrageously introverted and mild-mannered and relatively soft-spoken, which is obvious to some and perhaps very surprising to most.

5. I love using dry erase markers on windows for meeting purposes. Who needs a white board when I have these dry erase markers in my bag right now. Oh, and...

6. I don't carry a purse. I carry a book bag. Thank you very much.

7. If I were not in full time ministry, I think I would like to be a window washer.

8. I love making lists. Yes, I sort of include to-do lists, but I am talking more about High Fidelity sorts of lists. My top 5 this or thats! My 5 hypothetical things I would want. I may enjoy doing this too much.

9. I cannot do a cartwheel, but I get urges to do them every once in a while. One of these days, there will be an hilarious show for all those around me...

10. One of my favorite childhood toys was a used word-processor. I loved writing even then. I wrote stories. I wrote letters to magazine editors just to see if it would show up in the "Letters to the Editor" section.

PC Walker

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