When I Preach

When I preach or speak, I hope for the inner-dialogue from those who listen to resonate with the words of Henri Nouwen in his book Creative Ministry.

"What you say loudly, I whispered in the dark; what you pronounce so clearly, I had some suspicion about; what you put in the foreground, I felt in the back of my mind; what you hold so firmly in your hand always slipped away through my fingers. Yes, I find myself in your words because you words come from the depth of human experiences, and therefore, are not just yours but also mine, and your insights do not just belong to you, but are mine as well." (35)

This will only happen if I am willing to be known as pastor and preacher, and only if I am willing to be fully available in relationship and connection. The pastor is still a fellow man, and the moment a pastor forgets that reality, they are not a pastor. They are a performer.

Spotlight Myth [Video]

Below is video of me teaching about The Spotlight Myth. I kicked off a series through the Sermon on the Mount for this group. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPtbSUpqVFA?list=UUdLz82V0k8JPeWelvcm_gWg&w=560&h=315]


225px-Thumbtack_logoIn the last few weeks, I have made a connection with the website thumbtack.com It is a great service to professionals in various fields who would like to allow others know more about their services and talents. It has been a great connector for me as a speaker, writer, and even as an officiant.

The entire website allows for a freedom to accept and decline for the professional and for the customer if the services are not able to fulfill expectations (for instance: I am not likely to accept a wedding as that wishes to have 'mention of God' or a variety of other possibilities like scheduling, distance, etc.)

I would appreciate it if you know anyone who might need a speaker, writer, or other things listed here on my website to also direct them to My Thumbtack Profile.

Grace of Preaching

amazing The story goes, a small church somewhere had transitioned pastors and began to see outrageous growth. There were not only people coming to church, but there were many who came to Christ.

An interested person visited to see what was happening there, and was able to speak with an elder.

"So what was it your old pastor preached." "He preached that we were all sinners in need of grace that can only be found in Christ." "What is it this new pastor is preaching?" "He preaches that we are all sinners in need of grace that can only be found in Christ." "I fail to see a difference." "Well, this new pastor preaches it with tears in his eyes."

I must say the fact that God continues to give me opportunities to speak and preach is all grace. That he continues to give me opportunities to speak about the gospel of his ridiculous love is Amazing Grace.

I have been made a minister, according to the gift of God's grace...to me the very least of all saints, this grace was given, to preach the unfathomable riches of Christ.

Every opportunity to preach the gospel is a reminder of how very little merit I have to deserve this honor and responsibility. I never take it so lightly as to miss how desperately undeserving I actually am. I am "less than the least of all God's people" who is continually given ludicrous grace to preach the outrageous, reckless, raging fury that is the love of God.

Pepperdine Peace

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to speak at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Their theme for the year was PEACE and their theme verse was Philippians 4:7. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ6uLt-VnQo&w=560&h=315]

DEEP: a word for the year

deep Last year, I chose a word to focus on instead of setting a list of goals or resolutions I would not have followed through on. Last year, that word was "restoration". This year, that word is "DEEP".

I learned a valuable lesson when I spoke at a small Christian college in the United States (You can thank me later for narrowing it down for you.) This lesson may well apply to most Christian colleges, universities or churches you visit. I learned never to stand before a crowd containing students, faculty, and administrators of a Christian college or university and state that you are about to “go really deep”. If you ever find yourself before a crowd matching this description, and these words are on the tip of your tongue, bite really hard. I do not mean to use an ambiguous cliché, I mean to quite literally bite your tongue. Perhaps biting it will keep the words ‘go really deep’ from exiting your tongue through the small opening that is your mouth and setting you up for a situation very reminiscent of…oooh??…the Titanic! Slow sinking at first followed by a plunge toward the end! I would say that is a pretty accurate depiction of how it felt. As I was introduced, I made my way up on stage, took the mic in hand and said "Once I get started, I am going to take us real deep real quickly. Is that okay with everyone?” This was the puncture, which started the leak in the ship that day. I talked about the masks we wear in Christian culture and how they often cover up our wounds, which can only heal with exposure.Conversations about our wounds and healing appear deep to me, but I was clearly mistaken. I later realized the problem was not fully in our definitions of ‘deep’ but in my lacking clarification. I should have clarified, “deep in what?’

Two hours had not gone by before I received comments in passing. “I thought you were going to go deep!” “You were not very easy to follow.” “You may need to work on your points a bit more…but good job though.” I received a few emails as well with their fair share of, what should I call it? Feedback? “PC, you and I both know your theology is very weak.” “How can you call yourself an expert or theologian?” (This one is particularly comical, because I would never dream of calling myself either.) “You said at the very beginning of your talk that you were going to ‘go deep’ and you never did that once.” “I checked out the college you went to and…blah, blah, blah…something bad about my Alma Matter…blah, blah.” Notice how the disconnected emails were a bit more abrasive.

PLEASE allow me to make a few things clear right away. It is fully my intention this year to expose things I have seen and done. These things may be offensive and cutting. You may expect my thoughts and writing to be irreverent and theologically shallow. I give my personal guarantee the words you read will be ‘deep’, but deep to an honest place in my heart and not into the recesses of exegesis and five detailed points.

It is promising you will read things that will make theologians sick and scholars angry. It is likely that Armenians and Calvinists alike will be gravely frustrated. I am an equal opportunity annoyance. This will be a collage of stories and reflections that have impacted my life and faith, and of these two things I consider myself an expert. I am not a professional scholar or renowned theologian, but I am an educated and trained expert on the topic of my life and faith. It is my hope you will enjoy what you read. I hope I am entertaining, witty and dessert to your brain. But most importantly I hope my exposed life and faith stirs something within you that has been left unattended or forgotten. I hope my reflections are refreshing even if at times refreshment comes cathartically. So are we clear? For the sake of my inbox, I hope so.

Pursuit in 2013

DSC_0156 In 2013, I would like to pursue more diligently what God is guiding me after as it relates to speaking, performing, and writing. You can help in that pursuit. I have listed a few ways below. Please consider how you would like to help and be involved.

You who have been faithful readers at ragamuffinpc.com are so greatly appreciated; I want you to know that. You are the ones who can help me pursue these next steps next year.

FREE OPTIONS Share Share Share - You may not have any idea how much of a great help it is when you share my posts on your facebook, twitter, blog, or other social media routes you are involved in. If you appreciate something you read, please take a moment to click and share. This helps immensely.

Tell, Tell, Tell - Please tell others about ragamuffinpc.com If you have found encouragement, humor, or anything else here, please tell others about it who might also enjoy what you have found here.

MINIMAL COST OPTION Get the EP - I have created a short spoken word poetry ep with 4 tracks. I started it out at $5, but I removed it and made it 'name your own price'. You can name your price at $0.00 if you wish and get the album for free. This helps me get my work out there. It is only a beginning. I am writing more than I have in the past. I want to move toward a full length, better produced album. Get the ep here.

BESTEST BEST OPTION (MAYBE EVEN FREE TO YOU) Hire or Recommend Me - I would like to begin speaking for groups, retreats, camps, chapels, convocations, churches, or anywhere you will have me in the next year. If you need a speaker for your event, please consider me. My honorarium is very manageable (typically $100/talk + travel, but I can chat if even that is too much). You can find more info at my speaking page.

If you know someone who has a need for a speaker or spoken word poet or emcee, please put in a good word and direct their attention to my speaking page. These are the best helps to me.


Thank you again for all of your support and continued reading. I will continue to write and produce the words God gives me here at ragamuffinpc.com


Thank you for considering me to speak for your event. It is a huge honor I do not take lightly.

If you would like to have me speak at your event or organization, I am pretty reasonable.  I do work as a Pastor.  So speaking engagements should be planned far enough in advance to prepare for that time away.  Please consider the time away from my job in how you would like to “love on me” for speaking.

If you would like to submit a speaking request, please fill out the form below to receive more information regarding my availability and possible reimbursement options.

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“PC Walker is a man with an aptitude for looking head-on at the ways the church has distorted and destructively misapplied the essential message of Christ--he is also someone with a zeal to be a humble, repentant voice for reconciliation with a hurting world.” Stuart ErnyDirector of Campus Ministries, Anderson University

“PC is a gifted speaker with a vulnerable, honest message that comes from a true depth of heart.”

Erin DavisResident Director and Amazing Person

“PC is a man who will keep your attention.  He has an amazing ability to hold the attention of the crowd and cause the crowd to think.  No matter the role he is in, he does it with a willing heart and a passion to serve Christ.”

Jason SquiresMusician and Worship Leader

“PC’s commitment to excellence as a communicator was a great fit for our events. I especially appreciated his quick wit and sense of humor in keeping a moving audience focused on the happenings on stage.”

Andy Allen (on PC as an emcee)Director/Musician

“Sometimes I am with other Christians and get motivated, simply out of guilt.  This motivates me for about 1 day.  With other believers, I hear their honest struggle, but without hope.  In my conversations with PC, I hear raw authenticity, where there are no wrong questions and all are allowed.  I also hear a heart that looks beyond himself to One who loves him where he is at and woos him, without shame, to a better place.”

Todd Davis, M.A.Counselor, Professor, Mentor, Friend

"PC is a dynamic speaker, writer, and pastor. His passion for God and young people are evident in all aspects of his life. He is diligent in studying and challenging himself to live out the message of reconciliation in all of his relationships. He continually challenges me with his soul stirring writings and teachings."

Luis Arellano Security Engineer and Information Consultant

"Countless young adults in today's culture have a misperception of Jesus Christ because they have been mistreated by His very Church. While many Christian leaders continually fail to reach that demographic, PC is creatively and effectively conveying the message of hope to this lost generation -- helping them experience and embrace the love that Christ so generously poured out on the Cross."

Grant CoxCommunications Director and Editor-in-Chief

"PC is a gfted communicator, taking the truth of God's Word and applying it to the current cultural context in a way that is engaging, thought-provoking, and challenging."

Mark Shetler Executive and Missions Pastor

"Creative Communicator who inspires, stimulates and moves people into action expanding the Kingdom of God. Personal and relational as a natural, real person who one can trust."

John Dupree Church Mobilization Minister and Event Planner

For Gods Sakes Interview

For those of you who missed it, I gave an interview on For God's Sakes Radio Show on January 1 about reaching a culture and generation that the Church has lost touch with.

Thanks to the people at Truthcasting, I now have a podcast channel you can not only hear the radio interview but there will also be much more material to come.

Check out the Ragamuffinpc Ministries podcast channel at truthcasting.com

* The interview itself is entitled Reaching Where the Church Has Lost Touch