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5 Blogs I NEVER Skip Over in Google Reader

I love my Google Reader. It is my preferred reader for all the blogs and sites I follow. Regardless of the reader you use, we all know you never really read every post by every person in your reader. For some of us, it would take days to do that. It's just information overload at some point. When your reader has nearly 30 new posts a day, it is necessary to skim.  For me, here are the posts I NEVER skip. 1. Ragamuffin Soul - Carlos Whittaker's blog says he  is "an artist, pastor, thinker, experience architect, and Web 2.0 junkie." I love his blog because it is creative, inspiring, and simple to read and interact with. 2.Michael Hyatt's Blog - Michael is the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. His blog is a crisp and clean page with great insights for leaders, writers, and bloggers. 3. Heart of Campus Ministry - I do not include this just because I am a regular contributor. The guys at HOCM truly do exemplify their title, and their love and insights are evident for any whose heart beats for the people group we call "college students" 4. Refusing to Tiptoe - Sarah is a student, an artist, and a creative. She may even be nervous I am even including her in this blog, but more people should know about her writing and thoughts and heart. 5. Jesse Peterson's Blog - Jesse is a close friend of mine, and his blog may best be described as "misadventures of a young worship leader". Anyone involved in leading worship in any capacity would benefit from the insights he processes here.


What are the blogs you never skip? (this is your chance for shameless plugs)

Lethargic Liturgy

Tomorrow begins Lent. It is the forty-day period before Easter. This year it begins February 17. Lent is a chance and challenge to refocus your life, withdraw from usual practices, and draw closer to the heart of God.

I'd like to invite you to joining me in a prayerful and reflective Lent. Click this link to receive daily emails during Lent containing passages from Dr. Crabb's new book to help you focus your thoughts and begin your own conversations with God. Emails will begin on February 17.

In hopes of true sacrifice and empathizing with my pregnant wife, I intend to give up coffee and caffeine for Lent. I don't tell you that here as a cry for attention, but for a request of accountability.

Help challenge me through the lethargy and headaches that are soon to ensue.

Will you join me? What do you choose to give up?

Book Review To Come

Many of you know I am a book review blogger for Thomas Nelson, and I just discovered what the next book will be. Free Book by Brian Tome is on its way to me. Keep an eye on for the review to come.


LISTENING TO: Headphones (Self-Titled)

READING: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

What's next for PC...

Each time I speak somewhere, there is a thought and prayer that ambushes my heart.

"My God, why would you use me...again?"

2010 has a lot of promise for dreaming big and acting on those dreams. I cannot help but praise and thank God for continuing to open opportunities to write and speak for and about a grace and gospel I barely understand, or a mission to a domestic culture and demographic that grows increasingly foreign to the Church.

So are some things coming down the pike for me...




  • Ragamuffin Ramblings will be taking on a face lift very soon. Keep your eye out for that!
  • Sac State has a new semester that I am excited to be around for!

I would love to speak for your group, retreat, conference, etc. Please drop a line here for more info or email to request promotional material.

Thank you all for your encouragement to follow the dream God has instilled within me. I love what I do and only want to keep on keepin' on.

Review of "Derailed" by Tim Irwin

Derailed by Tim Irwin is the vaccination every leader needs but rarely gets, and the reason it is so rare is because it stings a bit. Irwin takes traces of common factors of decline for leaders of large and recognizable corporations and forms a powerful vaccination sure to immunize you from your own downfall as a leader.

The overall intention of this book is clear. It reveals certain vulnerabilities if left unattended can and will lead to ‘derail’. Character is the impetus for everything we do, and Irwin is clear in stating that the greatest impact of our leadership can always be traced back to our character.

The first ingredient in this vaccination is 5 parts profile. The reader is given a glimpse of 6 high level leaders who have derailed due to a character flaw left unattended. These profiles are written to not only commiserate with each fallen leader, but to identify with one or more of them. You quickly discover where this book may be leading you once you read these profiles.

A quick explanation of derailment follows. There are 5 stages to the process of an eventual derailment: Failure of Self-/Other-Awareness, Pride Before the Fall, Missed Early Warning Signals, Rationalizing, and Derailment. It is revealed how if left ignored, these stages happen almost effortlessly.

Irwin develops 4 dimensions of character each leader, no matter the capacity, should develop and maintain: Authenticity, Self-Management, Humility, and Courage. The explanations of these dimensions are the alcohol swab before the injection.

Injection: the derailment factors to be aware of if your leadership lacks any of the aforementioned character dimensions. The healing vaccination Irwin provides in this book necessarily is applied with a sting.

The book is closed with a soothing band-aid in a description of the ways to stay on the track without derailing. You can still be a dynamic leader if you do not ignore the danger, face the sting, and move forward. Irwin closes this book with a great look at how this is accomplished.

I received this book for free in exchange for a review to be written for Thomas Nelson publishing, but knowing what I know now, I would have paid a good amount to gain the tools provided in the reading of it. No matter the capacity in which you lead, this book will serve you very well in forming a long-lasting leadership wherever you are. It is the vaccination every leader needs.