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Why Campus Ministry?

My friends at Heart of Campus Ministry asked me to contribute to their current blog series entitled, Why Campus Ministry asking us to tell why we do what we 200 words or less. Here is the link to my post today. Why Campus Ministry? :: PC Walker.

5 Blogs I NEVER Skip Over in Google Reader

I love my Google Reader. It is my preferred reader for all the blogs and sites I follow. Regardless of the reader you use, we all know you never really read every post by every person in your reader. For some of us, it would take days to do that. It's just information overload at some point. When your reader has nearly 30 new posts a day, it is necessary to skim.  For me, here are the posts I NEVER skip. 1. Ragamuffin Soul - Carlos Whittaker's blog says he  is "an artist, pastor, thinker, experience architect, and Web 2.0 junkie." I love his blog because it is creative, inspiring, and simple to read and interact with. 2.Michael Hyatt's Blog - Michael is the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. His blog is a crisp and clean page with great insights for leaders, writers, and bloggers. 3. Heart of Campus Ministry - I do not include this just because I am a regular contributor. The guys at HOCM truly do exemplify their title, and their love and insights are evident for any whose heart beats for the people group we call "college students" 4. Refusing to Tiptoe - Sarah is a student, an artist, and a creative. She may even be nervous I am even including her in this blog, but more people should know about her writing and thoughts and heart. 5. Jesse Peterson's Blog - Jesse is a close friend of mine, and his blog may best be described as "misadventures of a young worship leader". Anyone involved in leading worship in any capacity would benefit from the insights he processes here.


What are the blogs you never skip? (this is your chance for shameless plugs)