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Don't Cry for Me [list]

I married my dream girl I have a daughter I am smitten by I have a family who are vocally proud of who I am I have in-laws I am proud to call family I have 1.5 college degrees from expensive private universities I work with college students every day I have incredible students I have spoken and/or performed all over the country I have a day job that is VERY close to my 'dream job' I have some of the best friends I could ever wish for I lost 70+ pounds a few years ago and have not returned to "that weight" I live within 2hrs of the ocean, the desert, Tahoe, the mountains, SanFran and Fresno I had a hotdog and a coffee with Brennan Manning I have stood front row center at a Counting Crows concert I have seen 6 Counting Crows concerts I have learned life-lessons from homeless men I have jumped from a 100ft pole into nothing I still read and write with these things called pen and paper I have seen Michael Jordan play basketball twice I flush my toilet with cleaner water than most of the world ever sees My friends' dogs dress and eat better than most of the world's people My baristas know me by name (and I know theirs) I have sat in on a Second City comedy school class I was once Retweeted by Adam Duritz I get free books in exchange for writing about them. (win win) I drive a Scion xB I am a devout Mac user named PC I have tested and solidified a faith over time I have been ambushed by the love of Jesus in a way I'll never recover from.

No matter how stuck you feel or trapped you feel, you always have reason for a list like this.

Why I love one paragraph: music artist

Counting Crows

Adam Duritz is the primary reason i still consider Counting Crows my favorite band/artist of all time, because the music of CC has waned in time. But Duritz's writing has always struck my heart in a strange way. Adam's writing and even his performing is incredibly introverted; yet so expressive. When those two things combine, an inspiration really develops.

Favorite Songs: Anna Begins, Time And Time Again, Goodnight Elizabeth, Another Horsedreamer's Blues, Mrs. Potter's Lullaby, Amy Hit The Atmosphere, Four White Stallions


In ONE PARAGRAPH, why do you love your favorite artist/band?



Sticky authors

Without thinking too much about it.  Fifteen authors (poets included) who have influenced me and will always stick with me. Brennan Manning Anis Mojgani Henri Nouwen Dietrich Bonhoeffer Phillip Yancey Tony Campolo Derrick Brown Donald Miller Mortimer Adler Francis Chan Augustine Adam Duritz S.D. Gordon Oswald Chambers Dr Seuss

What are yours?? [you can't sit and think about it]

You Are Insignificant?

"Today is just a day fading into another, and that can't be what a life is for." - Counting Crows Life at times feels like just another day like the one before it fading into the one after it. We move at a crawl through each day without any sense of direction or reason.

When our days are limited, coming to the end of a day like that seems pointless and disappointing. At the end of today, will I be able to say it was significant?

Will today have been intentional in any way? Will today have made any difference at all? Will I have made any significant step toward a vision? A goal? A purpose?

Today does not have to be just a day fading into another!

Significance is not an issue of fame or even recognition. Significance is an issue of making a difference where you are.

If you are a person of faith, significance is making a difference where God has placed you now today at this moment. (Eph. 2:10)

The main thing that will make this day significant is intentionality.

Intentional about relationships around you Intentional about resting and taking it all in now...for a second. Intentional about creating something matter how tiny...

Run with that idea...