Help Me Pick A Book Cover

You may already know, but I am finally writing the book people have always demanded of me. I have already signed on the dotted line with Westbow Press, and must of the front matter and first two chapters are complete. Also, I have a designer for the cover art. A great friend Gabe Wahl! I would really like your help choosing the cover. 

Before we do that, I want to give a couple things for precedent. First of all, the full title of the book is: Beneath Broken Machines: Reviving Trust In The Heart Of The Gospel.

It seeks to show how many of us have tried to build our faith like machines, and the trouble with that is machines break. Many of us find ourselves along the fragmented pieces of machinery we built and find we missed the relational, engaging, intimate heart that lies beneath our broken machines. This is where we truly experience the gospel!

Below are 4 Mockups -- each one appeals to me for different reasons. Keep in mind, Gabe knows me very well. He knows I like crisp and clean design (not cluttered or "full"). So I realize these are minimalist in design, but again, Gabe knows me very well.  

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