Why Young Adults Are NOT At Your Church

The question is the same though the words may be different. The primary concern behind the question is that young adults are not attending your church, and you want to know why? Why are house churches, community churches, and church plants getting all the young adults?

Naturally, I would know all the answers to this question. At least that is what it seems people think. I do not think I know all the answers to this question because I am beginning to recognize only one answer.

If you ask this question, understand this: this current young adult generation is NOT the lazy, lethargic, and apathetic generation mine was. Currently, young adults are finding their place in The Church and in ministry. Currently, young adults have a lot of great passion and drive to be a part of The Church, but they struggle to find Churches which really want them in ministry.

Most churches want the young adult butts in the seats, but they don't want the ideas, the creativity, the change, and the discomfort the young adults bring. So that is why:

Young adults are going to churches where they are able and allowed to have an impact. This is why they may not be at your church.

The question churches need to begin asking (if they really want young adults in their churches) is: do I want young adults to really have an impact here?

I will warn you ahead of time; if your answer is yes, you need to be prepared to make active decisions that exemplify that answer.


Why do you agree/disagree with me?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.