why I do what I do

What Would You Say...You Do

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpog1_NFd2Q&w=480&h=390] I understand a group of people you do not take the time to know.

I help those people  feel less lonely in a drowning ocean of disconnection.

I help those people see hope where they had never recognized it.

I walk hand in hand with people toward a God who seems far off and immense...at first.

I make impending life-decisions seem like manageable tasks.


The most creatively you can, what would you say you do?

Why Campus Ministry?

My friends at Heart of Campus Ministry asked me to contribute to their current blog series entitled, Why Campus Ministry asking us to tell why we do what we do...in 200 words or less. Here is the link to my post today. Why Campus Ministry? :: PC Walker.