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Pursuit in 2013

DSC_0156 In 2013, I would like to pursue more diligently what God is guiding me after as it relates to speaking, performing, and writing. You can help in that pursuit. I have listed a few ways below. Please consider how you would like to help and be involved.

You who have been faithful readers at are so greatly appreciated; I want you to know that. You are the ones who can help me pursue these next steps next year.

FREE OPTIONS Share Share Share - You may not have any idea how much of a great help it is when you share my posts on your facebook, twitter, blog, or other social media routes you are involved in. If you appreciate something you read, please take a moment to click and share. This helps immensely.

Tell, Tell, Tell - Please tell others about If you have found encouragement, humor, or anything else here, please tell others about it who might also enjoy what you have found here.

MINIMAL COST OPTION Get the EP - I have created a short spoken word poetry ep with 4 tracks. I started it out at $5, but I removed it and made it 'name your own price'. You can name your price at $0.00 if you wish and get the album for free. This helps me get my work out there. It is only a beginning. I am writing more than I have in the past. I want to move toward a full length, better produced album. Get the ep here.

BESTEST BEST OPTION (MAYBE EVEN FREE TO YOU) Hire or Recommend Me - I would like to begin speaking for groups, retreats, camps, chapels, convocations, churches, or anywhere you will have me in the next year. If you need a speaker for your event, please consider me. My honorarium is very manageable (typically $100/talk + travel, but I can chat if even that is too much). You can find more info at my speaking page.

If you know someone who has a need for a speaker or spoken word poet or emcee, please put in a good word and direct their attention to my speaking page. These are the best helps to me.


Thank you again for all of your support and continued reading. I will continue to write and produce the words God gives me here at

HELP ME: old journal entry

Reading back through old journals can always give phenomenal perspective to where you used to be.  I went back to one of my several journals written in the midst of my deepest questioning periods of faith...and this is one of the posts I found.....

Journal Entry from 10-17-01

How amazingly I've been spoken to in my Bible reading tonight?!  I am amazed by a simple phrase in Psalm 119, verse 86.  Its a phrase I now realize is very common in my prayers, my writing, my written prayers: "HELP ME!"  Two words mean so much and hold so incredibly much.  In an understanding that God truly knows my heart, and in most cases, better than even I do, a simple last cry of "HELP ME" means everything in the world.  Its amazing that out of this entire chapter (the longest chapter in the Bible), this phrase has stuck out and meant the most to me.  At the beginning of that particular stanza, the writer also exclaims, a little more eloquently, "I am weak from waiting for you to save me, but I hope in your word."  That is me right now.  I mean THAT is the very cry from my heart almost to the T.  I have been looking and searching for my heavenly father, and the continuous search has made me very weak.  Ah, but through it all, I am clinging to hope.  I cling to a hope in God's word to be spoken and encouraged upon me eventually.  That verse (81) is immediately followed by a phrase I also sometimes feel is my very cry.  "My eyes are tired from looking for your promise.  When will you comfort me?"  I have felt that so much lately, but I've never been able to verbalize it in my prayers to my half-believed heavenly Father.  But again, the most amazing thing from this reading comes in verse 86 when I do indeed feel all of this but cannot ever verbalize it as I wish I could:  "HELP ME!!"  Sometimes, I only wish I could pray verse 88:

"Give me life by your love..."

But I am so content and encouraged in bolding exclaiming,


And cling to the hope that he will.