“PC Walker is a man with an aptitude for looking head-on at the ways the church has distorted and destructively misapplied the essential message of Christ--he is also someone with a zeal to be a humble, repentant voice for reconciliation with a hurting world.” Stuart ErnyDirector of Campus Ministries, Anderson University

“PC is a gifted speaker with a vulnerable, honest message that comes from a true depth of heart.”

Erin DavisResident Director and Amazing Person

“PC is a man who will keep your attention.  He has an amazing ability to hold the attention of the crowd and cause the crowd to think.  No matter the role he is in, he does it with a willing heart and a passion to serve Christ.”

Jason SquiresMusician and Worship Leader

“PC’s commitment to excellence as a communicator was a great fit for our events. I especially appreciated his quick wit and sense of humor in keeping a moving audience focused on the happenings on stage.”

Andy Allen (on PC as an emcee)Director/Musician

“Sometimes I am with other Christians and get motivated, simply out of guilt.  This motivates me for about 1 day.  With other believers, I hear their honest struggle, but without hope.  In my conversations with PC, I hear raw authenticity, where there are no wrong questions and all are allowed.  I also hear a heart that looks beyond himself to One who loves him where he is at and woos him, without shame, to a better place.”

Todd Davis, M.A.Counselor, Professor, Mentor, Friend

"PC is a dynamic speaker, writer, and pastor. His passion for God and young people are evident in all aspects of his life. He is diligent in studying and challenging himself to live out the message of reconciliation in all of his relationships. He continually challenges me with his soul stirring writings and teachings."

Luis Arellano Security Engineer and Information Consultant

"Countless young adults in today's culture have a misperception of Jesus Christ because they have been mistreated by His very Church. While many Christian leaders continually fail to reach that demographic, PC is creatively and effectively conveying the message of hope to this lost generation -- helping them experience and embrace the love that Christ so generously poured out on the Cross."

Grant CoxCommunications Director and Editor-in-Chief

"PC is a gfted communicator, taking the truth of God's Word and applying it to the current cultural context in a way that is engaging, thought-provoking, and challenging."

Mark Shetler Executive and Missions Pastor

"Creative Communicator who inspires, stimulates and moves people into action expanding the Kingdom of God. Personal and relational as a natural, real person who one can trust."

John Dupree Church Mobilization Minister and Event Planner

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.