good news

On hearing and understanding God

phonesOne of the reasons we do not hear God as we did in the Old Testament is because our sin has grown to do this to us. Humanity has been so sickened with sin that we have lost our hearing and we no longer even speak God's language enough to understand Him if we even could hear His voice.

Hearts have been so hardened over time that we are too incredibly foreign to God whose image is actually imprinted upon us. We who are in His very image are terribly foreign to Him because of our sin.

The good news is that God desires his imprinted people. He desires connection, contact, and conversation once again. The silence we hate is as hurtful to God.

He had to speak a language we would finally be able to understand. Jesus is that language. "Jesus is God spelling Himself out," wrote SD Gordon.

Jesus is God Himself. Jesus is God Himself speaking a language our foreign sin-soaked hearts can finally understand.

That intimacy we once knew in Eden is possible now only in Jesus.

What is the best news you could receive right now?

An email arrives in my inbox. It is from Big Publisher Guy, and he is contacting me personally to let me know that they would like to pay a handsome price to...just...write. "We want you to write a book for us, and in return, we plan to pay you a great salary to support your family complete with health benefits. Once you're finished, we will schedule you a speaking tour to travel with your family while speaking all over the country and world with the message that God gives you.

You start tomorrow!

Oh, and you're debt free! We've paid all your ridiculous student loans in full."


What is the best news you could receive right NOW?

*don't Jesus Juke me with something about the gospel being the best news ever