When someone paid off all my debt

I have come to know a few things about debt, and many of those lessons have been life lessons for which I have become a better person in the ares of finances. 

Also, being a student for several years (5 undergrad and about 5 graduate) at private Christian universities has also taught me other completely separate lessons about debt. Because of my education loans, I know about a debt that seems impossible to escape. I know about an indebtedness that feels much more like a lifelong sentence than a gift of education so many take for granted. I know the feeling of debt that is only combined and compounded when marrying someone I met at said private Christian university. For those counting at home, that is about almost 15 years of loan debt. 

I also know the sense of believing I will likely die before these are completely paid off; I may literally need to die to pay off THESE debts.

As I walked a few days ago, I tried to imagine the hypothetical euphoria of what it would be like if someone came and paid off all my student loan debt in one written check.

I imagined the indebtedness I would then feel to that person, but that indebtedness would not be the soul-sucking indebtedness I feel now to Navient (artist formerly known as Sallie Mae). No this indebtedness for a person who paid my debt would be one of joyous freedom. I would be willing to do whatever I could to serve and honor that person who paid my life-crippling debt.

If someone sacrificed enough of himself to pay off my debt, which may only be paid off when I die, I cannot imagine what I would be willing to do for the LIFE that person gave to my days.

Can you imagine if someone paid off all my debt, and I would not have to live every day of my life with the looming knowledge that I am required to either pay off my debt or die? 

Wow! That really would be good news! I'd tell everyone about that person, probably!

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.