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The Simple Solution to a Restless Heart

The Simple Solution to a Restless Heart

I find myself distressed. But there is a simple solution with grand results. Jesus gives the solution in only 3 words.

As Children

God calls the children to Him, and He calls us to come to him as children.  We too often think of this as a call to simplicity before God.  Come to him full of joy and whatever else you think a child looks like. What we hardly ever consider is that the context of the passage presents children as despised individuals.  In that time, children were heavily looked down upon.  They were considered of no account.  We are too associate ourselves with children in the realization that we are all beggars at the door of God's mercy, love, blessing, and grace. 

We have to come before God as needy people who honestly admit and accept our need.  God longs to love the unraveled hearts, the broken down and the poor.  We have to come to God as children, because God longs to love His children who are otherwise despised.  We are ALL needy people, and we lie to ourselves if we deny that.

So I run to my heavenly DADDY as a child who recognizes a need...I am a broken ragamuffin bested by life struggles, fights and inconveniences, inconsistencies and insecurities.

Random Friday thoughts fo'ya

What about this?  Maybe we need to read the story of Zacchaeus with the realization that this is a, man who desperately wants to see Jesus.  This is a desperate sinner who longs to see Jesus but can't.  The reason he can't see Jesus is because in the way are all the crowds of Jesus-followers.  These are a lot of people who already see Jesus and perhaps they are blocking out the sinner and despised tax collector.  They don't even notice the incredibly needy sinner just behind them who wants desperately to come to Jesus.  These people likely already knew Jesus was the Messiah.  That's why they followed him, but in the midst of it they left Zacchaeus to the side....the one who desperately needed and even WANTED to see and know Jesus. Isn't it interesting that one thing changed since the time of Jesus in that it used to be the sinners, whores, and drunks that came running to the compassion of Jesus and the Christian elite who hated Christ?  So what has changed now that it is the lost who hate Christ and even the mention of Christ?  What changed?  The compassion of Christ?  I'm leaning on no.