The Simple Solution to a Restless Heart

When our lives are disconnected from Jesus and we find ourselves in over our head with stress, worry, and general unrest. I have come to believe there is a grand solution. It is grand in what it provides, but it is simple in its execution. 

Really anything which comes between Jesus and me will cause my heart to be at unrest. Anything that disturbs the rest I otherwise have in Christ should be handled and removed, and there is one simple thing which needs to be done to do this.

Oneness with Jesus is so often broken, and my life and heart grow restless and anxious. Intellectually, morally and especially spiritually I find myself distressed. But there is a simple solution with grand results. Jesus gives the solution in only 3 words.


It is so simple. It truly is THAT simple. We have so many moments in our lives when our disconnection FROM Jesus allows for growing stress, heartache, unrest, and anxiety. These things always grow when my connection with Jesus is broken. The simple solution to broken connection with Jesus is to..COME TO JESUS.

It really is that simple...if I would only do it. The results are grand. There really is rest and peace in Christ. When we are restless and overwhelmed, we more often turn to ourselves. It is this self-reliance that contributes to a growing restlessness in our lives. No matter how capable we are in other parts of our lives, our hearts and minds can only find full rest in Christ.

The solution is a simple one. "Come unto me...and I will give you rest."

The moments I am at rest are always when my heart is connected to Jesus. I can even be at rest when circumstances of life are not restful. That is because the solution is NOT in my control of circumstances. The solution is only found in the presence of Jesus Christ.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.