When a hero dies

Last night, my hero passed away. Brennan Manning has had the strongest impact on my bedraggled heart. Sitting with him twice over hot dogs will be moments my heart will not easily forget. But far more important than hot dogs and baseball are his reflections on the outrageous love of God in all His grace and mercy that have wrecked my heart for good since 1999. My hero finally rests in Abba's embrace for his Father was very fond of him.


People Can't Believe I Don't Like...

dark roast coffeePrincess Bride, Goonies, Ferris Bueller's Day off Blue Moon, Fat Tire, or IPAs baseball or baseball players (mostly) a lot of female vocalists (but not all) sushi John Eldredge AND Wild at Heart black ink most chocolate stuff in my pockets Radiohead or U2


Which of these are YOU surprised to hear?