I am a Saturday Night Live fan like many people are Chicago Cubs fans. Allow me to show you a few reasons why.

I am...

LOYAL - always watch...regardless of the standings I am no bandwagon fan of SNL. Even when seasons are poor or the cast is not as strong as desired, I watch faithfully. Yes, there are blocks of times when everyone watches SNL (many people say "I like the 90's, but not much since then."), but I always watch and never miss an episode.

HOPEFUL - this year is always "our year" Feeding off the first, I swear that this is always going to be the best season. "Which season?" you ask? THIS SEASON!!! With the right amount of returning cast members, this has to be a good season.

LEARNED - know your stats, history, and roster I cannot get anyone to play Trivial Pursuit SNL Edition with me. I bought that game as soon as it came out, and I cannot get anyone to play with me. It is full of history behind the scenes and before the camera. I know nearly all the answers. *

RESISTANT - pay no mind to naysayers Every fan endures the chiding of close friends who are not fans. So many people say ridiculous things. "That show's really gone downhill." "The 90's were better." (see above) But what is hilarious is that nearly every statement is immediately followed with, "I don't even watch it anymore." If you don't even watch it, then don't even comment about it.

DEFEND - credit where  it's due...and its never due to other teams MadTV sucks! Always has! Always will!

IDEOLOGICAL - "I could fix this team." Every die hard fan thinks they could make their team better if they were managing it; knowing full well that there is no way in the world they will EVER manage their favorite team. They can't even manage their local little league team. But joking aside, I could produce, direct, or write for SNL.

GEARED UP - Da'Bears Parking Only You have to obsessively show your team pride. Q: How many SNL DVD's do you have?  A: Not as much as me.

DREAM - wanna go to the big house Most fans diehard fans do not live anywhere near their team. Cubs fans are everywhere, and they all dream of seeing a game at Wrigley Field. I dream of seeing a show at 30Rock. Some day! Some day! * I have challenged Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers to a battle in this game via twitter...

...I have yet to receive a response.

PC Walker

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