Saturday Night Live

Bare Minimum Fan

I once wrote a post about how I am an SNL fan like many people are Chicago Cubs fans. Late last night I was hit with the inverse reality that I am a Cubs fan like many people are SNL fans. Let me try to explain. As a Cubs fan, I am...

INFREQUENT - Some people do not study the history and art of comedy. I never watch baseball at all. It is a sport I have never appreciated. Yes, I know it's an American pastime, but it simply does not attract me at all. One friend said I just needed to pick a team, and that would help me get into the sport. I have a love affair with the city of Chicago, so I chose the Cubs. I am still not a fan of baseball.

MODERATE - I wear a hat Most people can quote Matt Foley or the Cheerleaders, but most of the sketches I quote draw blank stares. I have purchased and wear a Chicago Cubs hat though I am not sure I have watched an entire game. Poser? No. Just a very moderate fan. 

BANDWAGON - can't wait til they go for the pennant Every time a character or sketch goes viral, suddenly people love the show. Of course I'll say I've always been an a cubs fan when they have an awesome season, because in a way, I was. I just maintain the bare minimum of interest in case of a strong season.


Of what are you only a moderate fan?