September 11

Reading Between the Lines: a power sentence for [almost] every year of my life

Hidden in these sentences are the likes of divorce, adoption, and diabetes. Also there will be found marriage, birth, and milestones alongside brokenness, addictive numbing, and wounds. Good luck discovering those things between the lines as these lines are much thicker than the revealing space between. (I gave up trying to think of things for a few years I just don't really remember much about.)

*This was an idea I received here.


1980 - Naked into this world I came. 1981 - Some of the best memories are those you don't remember. 1982 - It was never your divorce, but ours. 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1988 - Two families converge 'forever' with adoption??? 1989 - There is now more than corn in Indiana. 1990 - 1991 - 1992 - Time to be a man, boy! 1993 - 1994 - Wade out a little bit deeper. 1995 - Commit to your life's largest choice. 1996 - 1997 - Search for future while you relish tonight. 1998 - Release! 1999 - A bold use of poetry will get you married some day. 2000 - The end is further than we ever think. 2001 - The death of naive safety will never be forgotten. 2002 - Never take for granted a gift of grace. 2003 - A degree does not qualified make you. 2004 - Marriage slays any selfishness to which I thought I held. 2005 - Two converged families fracture with only a letter. 2006 - Shedding the man you used to be is a temporary joy. 2007 - Bodies stop producing insulin and emotions at the same rate. 2008 - Stir in a little Mexican, lots of insulin, and a charge of passion. 2009 - 2010 - My heart exploded with more love than I ever knew I was capable of. 2011 - New life is on the horizon.

Where were you

I had run out of my student apartment like I did every morning; quickly and without regard to anything but making it to class on time. As I walked to the other end of the South Campus parking lot, my friend Justin came out on to his balcony and asked if I had heard.

After a briefing left me stunned, I sulked my way to class. My mind was clouded with disbelief and some confusion.

I came to the one of the common areas of campus where they had wheeled in some televisions for coverage. I arrived just in time to watch the second plane hit. Screw class!

Chapel was strange that morning. It was indicated that classes would resume that day. I had no idea how that was a good option.

Later that evening, there was a large group of students gathered to pray. In my smaller cluster of students, I remember praying, "God, we have no idea why things like this happen. We simply have no idea, but help us trust you."

They were only words I could hope came from a deeper place of truth inside me, because even today I have no idea what I would have prayed.