Where were you

I had run out of my student apartment like I did every morning; quickly and without regard to anything but making it to class on time. As I walked to the other end of the South Campus parking lot, my friend Justin came out on to his balcony and asked if I had heard.

After a briefing left me stunned, I sulked my way to class. My mind was clouded with disbelief and some confusion.

I came to the one of the common areas of campus where they had wheeled in some televisions for coverage. I arrived just in time to watch the second plane hit. Screw class!

Chapel was strange that morning. It was indicated that classes would resume that day. I had no idea how that was a good option.

Later that evening, there was a large group of students gathered to pray. In my smaller cluster of students, I remember praying, "God, we have no idea why things like this happen. We simply have no idea, but help us trust you."

They were only words I could hope came from a deeper place of truth inside me, because even today I have no idea what I would have prayed.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.