Look Up!

As I walked and prayed a few days ago, I had a sense of my Fathers's voice speak to me. This week, I have not had a lot of petitions, and I have not prayed for a ton of people. I wanted God to be close. I needed His nearness. I also found my posture strange as I walked. I looked down at my feet and the sidewalk as I kept walking and praying. Then I sense the Spirit say, "Look up!"

"Look at the tops of the trees."

Sacramento prides itself on its trees, particularly the number of trees per capita. Trees are everywhere downtown, but you only really see or look at the trunks and maybe the lower branches if you stop to look at all. 

That day, it seemed my heart called out to me to look up and recognize the very tops of the trees in the sky. Just raise your gaze above your normal every day view. 

"For this is where I Am!"

God called my posture and my view to be different. Our actual posture does inform our inward heart condition. I kept looking to the tops of the trees and hearing God speak to my heart.

"Look up! Not down! Keep your gaze up where I Am. I will be with you."

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.