Worry Wart

Where did that word come from?  Why do we call people who worry "worrywarts"?  What a gross image to attach to anyone!  What is it about disgusting warts that, at some point, made someone say to his worrisome friend, "You know what!  You worry too much; you're like a....a...like a WART!" Is it because a worrisome person has a root that goes beneath the surface that needs to be killed to REALLY make the worry go away?

Is it because worrisome people are an eyesore on the fingers of society? (I say "fingers" because that is generally where my warts reside)

Is it because worrisome people continue to avoid the removal of the disgusting part of themselves because of some unknown reason...because why would you actually WANT a wart (or to worry), and yet why don't you take the proper steps to remove the wart (or the worry)?

I'm not entirely sure why worrisome people are called worrywarts, but I have been thinking about worry today.  In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:25-34) Jesus talks about worry.  I love to remember how absolutely pointless Jesus reminds us that worry actually is. "Has anything good happened BECAUSE you have worried?  What has ever got better because you worried about it?"  It poses the classic response to a good stand-up comedian; "Its funny because its true."

What does all that have to do with warts?  I'm not too sure...

* I decided to spare you the inclusion of a pic for this post

PC Walker

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