cheap grace

No free lunch...or grace...okay maybe grace

God, I am sorry that I always take your grace for granted.  I so frequently find myself living under cheap grace...grace with no cost.  Sometimes I just live as though your grace was free to even you.  I live like you did not pay a cost for the grace I get for free.  I live like its free.  It may be free for me to accept but it is only there for me to accept because you paid a phenomenal price for it.  It is easy to focus on the grace being free to me, but when that's all I pay attention to, I begin to live my life under the banner of cheap grace and ride the coat tails of grace.  Even if I don't say it aloud or even consciously think it, I live my life as if to say, 'God will forgive me; why not.....?"  For that I apologize.  I have taken your mercy and loving grace for granted.  I need you!  I need your grace.

Maybe We Could Use Some Legalism

In learning more about "grace" and "mercy" and moving past legalism, is it possible that our Christian culture has swung the pendulum to a polar side where we have left the fundamental truths to the wayside?

Does it seem in our churches we are seeing many who are simply willing to make the bad choice, feel bad, and then move on?

I am NOT asking what is 'right', or 'what does Scripture say about this'? I am asking us to take a look at things.

What say you?