No free lunch...or grace...okay maybe grace

God, I am sorry that I always take your grace for granted.  I so frequently find myself living under cheap grace...grace with no cost.  Sometimes I just live as though your grace was free to even you.  I live like you did not pay a cost for the grace I get for free.  I live like its free.  It may be free for me to accept but it is only there for me to accept because you paid a phenomenal price for it.  It is easy to focus on the grace being free to me, but when that's all I pay attention to, I begin to live my life under the banner of cheap grace and ride the coat tails of grace.  Even if I don't say it aloud or even consciously think it, I live my life as if to say, 'God will forgive me; why not.....?"  For that I apologize.  I have taken your mercy and loving grace for granted.  I need you!  I need your grace.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.