Chance The Rapper and Theological Conversations

Every time I play Chance the Rapper for my girls, I get to have a reminder of some theological truths.

I don't listen to all of the album with my girls, but there is one track on his recent album that is great, and the girls love it. The song is called "Blessings", and both girls love singing along with the vocalist on the hook.

"I'm goin' praise you
praise you til I'm gone...

When the praises go up,
the blessings come come down."

Every single time it comes on, Haddisen (4yo) gets excited and sings along. Then every time she says, "Dadda, let me tell you! When praises go up, the praises go up to Jesus. Then the praises come down to us." 

Bryleigh (5yo) corrects her nearly every time, "Blessings, Haddie! The praises go up to Jesus, and the blessings come down to us. Jesus gives us blessings. Right, Dad?"

Yes, I have nothing to correct about this. Thank you for this bit of liturgy in my days, Chance the Rapper.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.