Silence without [loneliness] without silence

It is possible to have silence without loneliness.  On the other hand, it also possible to have loneliness without silence.  We should desire the former of the two; silence without loneliness. The truth is we are afraid of silence.  When our minds and hearts are actually silence, something is revealed.  We are afraid of this revelation. What is revealed in silence may sometimes hurt or frighten, but this it is good and it is necessary.

In our silence, we are only accompanied by ourselves, and many of us can think of no worse company.  Why?  Because, in silence, we are not accompanied by the self we let everyone else know and see.  In the silence, we can only find company with our true self.  We are forced to spend that time with our true and whole self, and that self is without spiritual cosmetic.  This is the reason we so noisily avoid silence.

That silence and the revelation we find in that silence is the only way we will find whole peace (shalom), freedom, and life.  That path and its revelation is the only way I will ever know myself as I am.  Knowing myself as I really am is the only way I offer my honest self to anyone in love and integrity. 

How close am I to matching up the person I AM and the person people see and know?  How much of myself do I even know?  I will only find that person in the silence.

Bob Benson writes, "Pray for silence both in mind and spirit."

We often think we have to make ourselves silent so that we can hear from God.  We are taught to be quiet so you can ask things of God and hear from him, but have we ever been taught to ask for silence?  To pray for silence!

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.