One of those days: when I put my Bible away

There are days when it seems God just wants to love me. There are days when I sit with open Bible and heart, and I wait...and wait... There are days when God does not speak to me in his Word even when I come to it faithfully There are days when I will sit and stare at the pages There are days when I will sit silently awaiting God and receive a challenge to close my Bible and let God love me There are days when I am ready and prepared to discover God and I am challenged to sit and let Him love me There are days my heart needs to be still and rest in God's love; to sit and pray "Abba, I belong to you. Please love me today." Some days bring my heart to a place where God has a different challenge than I realize coming in

If someone desired to know me they could only read my journal and blog so many times before they would need to step away from them a while and let me love them get to know them talk with me get a cup of coffee with me and let me relate to them

There are days I need to step away from the Word and sit with God and allow him to love me and accept His love

There are days my mind has soaked up all the love leaving my heart and soul a little dry In those days my heart and soul need to stop and allow God to love me

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.