Ragamuffin Re-Write: Psalm 66

From time to time, I come to the Psalms and re-write them in my own language, context, and circumstance. It is a great way to engage scripture and see it come alive in your current context. Give it a shot some time! PSALM 66

O my soul, shout your praise as best you can muster to the God you love and desire

How amazing is His provision! Sing out within my flesh!

Praise God for His help let your voice be heard over the noises of your life.

For you, O God, have stood by me tested me though you may, I rise refined from the hardship

You brought me through the fire of Christian tongues full of hate and foolish gimmicks

God, you have rescued me from waters which had drowned my soul under currents of verbal slaughter

I have come through fire and water; you brought me to a place of abundance

My soul will praise you with written offering

Come and listen, o soul within me; let your voice call out what Abba has done for you

I cried out with my mouth and pen, and Abba listened.

Praise to the refining Daddy, who has not neglected my prayer or EVER withheld love from me.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.