You're Welcome: Young Me, Now Me

I'm gonna start a reoccurring post idea here called: "You're Welcome".

Every once in a while you come across a website that just steals your attention right from under you. You may not even know why, but you find yourself just mindlessly clicking through because you just have to see

These will be things I find to share with you; things before you thank me for showing, I'll just say, "You're welcome!"


Several months ago, I came across Young Me, Now Me by a guy named Ze Frank.

The idea is that people contribute pictures of them when they were much younger along with a picture of them today re-enacting that same picture to the strongest detail they can.

Take a break from thinking for a second and go enjoy.

*I also heard that Young Me, Now Me was recently highlighted on Modern Family. Its Tivo'd. Don't ruin it for me.


PC Walker

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