Open Letter to My Students

To my students,

I am for you.

I am for you in life and faith when it may seem no one is for you. Be reminded that

When it seems that even I am not for you, let me help you trust that I am for you. I hope for so much for you in life and faith.

In your life, I hope for your growth as a person. I am for you determining what you are truly meant to be and become. I am for you discovering and going after what will make you know joy and love; even if that has nothing to do with what your parents or your culture expects of you.

I am for you never feeling or becoming isolated from a sense of community that goes beyond the connectedness of Facebook into the intimacy of truly knowing others and being known by others. I am for you being connected to many many people but not neglecting commitment to at least a few.

I am for you discovering and truly knowing your heart's expression enough to own that voice within you that hopes to never.stop.expressing. Art is never done.

I am for you finding true love not tainted by what your culture and media says love and romance looks like. I am for you loving another person who has the courage to be a foundation of integrity, faith, and respect in your life instead of someone who is simply attracted to your sexuality.

In your faith, I am for you when it is hard to hold on. I am for you never giving up on the trust in God you once had. I am for you not getting lazy when it is easy to.

I am for you entangling your heart, mind, soul, strength with Jesus Christ....MORE....and MORE. I am for you always wanting to know more of Jesus, and learning what it means to obey him each day of your life.

I am for you learning to trust that you are beautiful and that God is always making you NEW, not because of the things you are good at but because you are a child of God who is outrageously beautiful. I am for you learning to trust that.

I am for you knowing you are NOT the church of tomorrow. You are the church NOW. I am for you not comparing yourselves to a church you once knew or were once hurt by. I am for you BEING the church you wish it was. I am for you not letting anyone look down you because you are younger. I am for you setting an example for all the people who are older than you; those who would rather categorize and complain about you than to know and listen to you. I am for you setting an example of those who have not "given up on Church" but of those who desire to be the church we are intended to be.

I am with you and I am FOR YOU.

- Your Pastor

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.