My Social Fantasies are

1. I want to have an unlimited insurance policy, and a car with ramming bars all the way around it. I want to be the first car in a line at a bunch of red lights. As soon as it turns green, just gun it and leave caution to the wind and consequences to anyone trying to make it through the red. 2. I want to sit in a coffee shop and ask someone to watch my stuff while I go to the restroom. Once I'm gone, I want to have a couple people come and pack up my stuff and walk away. I want to come back from the restroom pissed that the stranger didn't watch my stuff.

3. I want to sit down with popcorn and an oversized soda in front of a couple making out in a coffee shop or any public place, as this is quite obviously why they have chosen to do so HERE.

4. I want Rob Bell to preach a sermon written by John Piper and vice versa. I want to see if their followers notice the difference.

5. I want to pull out my dry-erase markers in the middle of a meeting with a student at a coffee shop and start teaching something on the window behind me.


What are your social fantasies?

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.