My Most Favorite Podcasts

- Relevant Magazine Podcast The weekly podcast of Relevant Magazine - You will never get bored listening to this crew and their insights into entertainment, culture, and current events. This is my FAVORITE podcast. - The Moth People telling stories live and without notes. - This can be very inspirational if not just pure enjoyment. I find it helps bring more lively writing of sermons as it relates to the art of telling a story. - Indie Feed Performance Poetry Cutting Edge Performance Poetry - I have recently become addicted to this podcast. Three new poems a week, and it is just great great great poetry by artists doing it right now. - Neue Weekly conversations with ministers and thinkers shaping the future of the Church. - I have only recently begun listening to this podcast. I have been a subscriber to Neue forĀ  quite a while, and I love the quarterly magazine's material. So I expect the same from the podcast.

- Various sermons (Rick McKinley, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Rob Bell, etc.) - It is important, as a teacher and pastor, to always be listening to new voices of ministry and teaching. When you are frequently teaching, it is detrimental not to be taught as well.

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.