Treasure: what you could not see in yourself

Jesus said the kingdom is like a treasure buried in a field (Matthew 13). The man who discovered it went and, with great joy, sold everything he had and bought the field.

I think of a treasure I may have: something, someone I value more than most others. I imagine and remember when I first discovered some of those treasures (when I first came to Jesus, when I first met Tonya, when we got married, when I first held my daughters or saw the ultrasound, when I got my first iphone, etc.).

Sometimes we need to stand before our greatest treasures and say to them, "Of all the things I have and value, you mean the absolute most to me" and then see what happens inside us when we actually say that sentence.

How much would I gladly give or do in order to protect that specific treasure? If it is not as important as I had thought, i would acknowledge that fact and then start hoping for a true treasure for which I could gladly give up everything.

NOW I think of how treasured I am. But I first realize I am a multifaceted treasure, as is each one of us. At some points in my life someone discovered me at different places in my life. I think of how much I did NOT know of my own worth until different people along the way drew that worth out of me because they saw things in me I could not see in myself.

We each are varied treasures, and our treasures is multifaceted. These treasures and worth are sometimes covered and planted so deep within us that different people come along in our life to help unearth those things we never saw or recognized. We have to gratefully remember each of those people from time to time.

Then, stand before Jesus for a moment today and find, maybe to your surprise, he considers you a great treasure. Have you ever seen in His eyes all the worth, treasure, and many facets only He could see in you? Do you see how madly in love Jesus is with you? Do you see just how much He treasures you?

Rest in that love for even a moment today!

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.