Something is Terribly Wrong

Hey there Christian! Something has me greatly concerned as we look at the world around us today. It is not hard to be discouraged by the things I see, is it? You do not have to look much further than the evening news to realize things are terribly broken in our world today, but these are not things which most concern me.

There is a lack justice, peace, and morality pervading most of the arenas we live in today, but this is not my big concern. What concerns me most is the lost perspective and worldview of the Christian today. It would seem most Christians have come to live most of their lives in response to the enemy than to the hope they say they profess and believe. 

Walter Burghardt wrote, "Life is discouraging, yes; but remember your hope lies not in  constant man and woman but in God, a Yahweh forever faithful. So confess your sins and proceed with confidence to the task at hand. A glorious future beckons."

Let us fall back from the fight we lost a long time ago and rest upon the hope and confidence to be found in One who is forever faithful. Let us turn our attention to our personal sins instead of the sins of the land. Let us remember our personal task to place more faith in the Lord than in the enemy's current destruction. 

This is not a call to stick your head in the sand, but to hold your head high. It is not a call to retreat into separation, but to lean into your call as a follower of Jesus to deal with your sin and walk with Jesus. 

PC Walker

Speaker.Author.Poet, whatever comes through the cracks is all grace.