NBC's Community Speaks of Religion

"While claiming to have no religion, you were actually devoutly worshiping yourself, and now that your god has high cholesterol, your want to kick Pierce's god in the balls." -Professor Ian Duncan on NBC's Community

What is with a few of my favorite television shows taking on the conversation and thoughts of religion and faith? Whether it be Glee's "Cheesus" episode or Community's religion episode a couple weeks ago, religion seems to be on the mind. Whether you agree with the portrayals of Christianity and general religion (you likely don't and probably shouldn't), it is important to pay attention. There perspectives portrayed are very similar if not exact reflections of common perceptions held in our culture.

Though you may not agree with the perceptions portrayed, take heart that the discussion is right in front of us. Take heart that our culture's interest is at least piqued.

How can this spark opportunity in your day to day for conversation?

*I have been LOVING the quote above, and it is my thought that Community is one of the most underrated comedies on television right now.