Eye of the Storm

Like any storm, which has an eye, so also is our life.At the center of storms is the eye, which is completely calm and tranquil. When our life is an incredible storm, where everything all around us seems like hellish storm, there is always a peace in finding God at our center. When God is our center, there is always a tranquil peace.

The storm may not disappear and may rage on all around us, but we ALWAYS have the center, to go to for peace IN THE MIDST of our storm.

My Hiding Place [a prayer]

Good afternoon Father, You are my refuge and my strength. You are my hiding place in the midst of the storms that my life may bring. I look at your comfort and realize that you may never say a word to my soul, but I can know and trust that you are present in my pain and that is all I can ask for. I am more comforted by the one who just sits with me and weeps with me. I am more comforted by the one who tries his hardest to ache with me instead of telling me they know what I am going through. I am more comforted by the one who sits silently by my side while I ache instead of trying to fix everything.

You have been my comfort in this suffering world. You have been present with me while I ached, and though you may not have been speaking to my heart, I know that you entered into my pain and hurt with me. I know that you ache when I ache because no Father wants to see his child hurt. No Father wants to have his child know pain, but pain is a part of this life whether we like it or not. Pain is inevitable, and though a father would love to just take pain away, this suffering world makes that impossible right now.

So the best a Father can do is be there when the child aches and hurts. You have been there when I ached. You may not always speak to my heart, but I know you are present in my pain. I know you ache when I ache, and THAT is how you are my hiding strength; a very present help in trouble. Because though the trouble still remains, you are my hiding place.

- St. PC of the Comforted