social experiment month

Experiment Month: Had to Meet You Week

Last week I began Social Experiment Month with a week of reflections from my time having intentional eye contact in every conversation I had. As you may have noticed, I did not enact any experiments this week.

Stuff came up...??

Well next week, I have discovered what my social experiment is going to be. Next week will be:

"Had to Meet You Week"

I frequent the same coffee shop several times throughout the week, and I have come to know most of the staff by first name. It has taken some time and a lot of notes on my iphone so I don't forget the names.

Now I realize I there are several other regulars whom I see on a regular basis. The goal of "Had to Meet You Week" is to introduce myself to one of those regulars each day.

I once wrote an article about this idea and never did anything about it. So next week is the time.


What place do you frequent? Would you join me on this challenge?