Random Reflections: Wednesday

If your plate is full, get rid of some of the things you do no need to eat.

Set time aside for God, and when you do, do not let anything interrupt it. Create time for God.

We love to hear God but hate to obey and do what we love to hear. Good intentions don’t always turn into actions. Sometimes we can even spiritualize our disobedience. Sometimes we even pray about it because we do not want to do it.

We have too many options and choices and we get frustrated when there aren’t as many options. This is why we come to church on our terms and not on God’s terms.

The National Day of Prayer is like: you come running in, punch the devil in the face and then run back out; leaving him 364 days to do as he pleases.

I lack desperate prayer. God hears desperate prayers. My American dream knows nothing of desperation. I cannot be desperate as an American. I far too often pray with dry eyes.

The deal Moses denied, America accepted. (God stays behind, but he gives us security, prosperity, and protection) But this is no good. We have say with Moses, "GOD, UNLESS YOU GO WITH US, NO DEAL." Unless you clothe us, we are naked…Unless you feed us, we are hungry…Unless you refresh us, we are always thirsty for more.

Random Reflections: Tuesday

I often do not think it was the Spirit because it sounded rude to me.

It is always important to remember that we have a real enemy, and he is always at work. Satan wants to take whole nations; he is not just about you, it goes beyond you. Satan wants to blanket nations. Satan thinks he owns nations. He even offers them to Jesus in temptation.

God wants nations. Jesus wants nations. We are not here to be Americans, we are here to be Kingdom People.

There is a power of God to be released in the power of prayer. Satan wants the believer to be more analytical than anything else…to think constantly with many ideologies. We see issues and look away saying, “Thank God I’m going to heaven.” We have to move from ideology to belief and then to lifestyle.

Is your life, your ministry, your family program oriented or prayer oriented? When we work we work, when we pray God works. Prayer is not and should not be a burden.

We often have such a small vision of God.

When your pastor seeks God and presents a vision, ask what you can contribute to it.

God is not experimenting. He has done this before. You may be next in line, but you have to need him. God does not intrude. God is not attracted to need but to prayer. He does not come to a need, he comes to a prayer because we have to ask.