mighty to save

Rescue is never delayed

Psalm 6 reminds me of the heart of my Father. I am reminded, first, of all those moments we are worn out from crying. I am reminded that when life places me in painful moments when I am worn down under the weight of it all, my God not only hears my cries, he heals me and pours over me his grace and overwhelming love and kindness. More specifically, I see that my God rescues my soul and saves me (vs 4). It stuck out to me that he rescues my SOUL. It does not say God rescues me from the situation physically as though he removes me or takes away the situation.

I am reminded of a God who sees the heart and knows the heart comes to me in moments of pain and rescues my heart. He comes to rescue my soul because when everything originates in the heart and soul, that is where the rescue must take place.

We can endure so much more as long as our heart stays safe, secure, and protected. It is when the soul is broken that we cannot withstand even the lightest trouble.

My God is mighty to save...my soul and rescue my soul.

My God, he will not delay My refuge and strength I will not fear, His promise is true My God will come through, always