My digital toolbox

It is no secret to most people that I primarily exist in the coffee shop instead of the traditional office. I handle all the work of being a pastor, speaker, and writer on a mobile lifestyle. This requires a pretty specific toolbox. Inspired by this post by one of the blogs I follow pretty regularly, I thought it would be interesting to post my digital toolbox.

GENERAL - 13" Macbook - 16GB iPhone4 - Timbuk2 Blogger 2.0 Bag - I am in love with this bag, and I'd recommend it to ANY mobile type - Moleskine Journal - No, I'm not a moleskine snob. This is my 1st Moleskine, though I ALWAYS have a journal on hand - G2 Limited Pen, Blue (with refills) - This I AM a snob about. - Apple Remote - FlipCamera Mino - wish I used this more...need more inspiration - DVI to VGA adapter - Highlighters - File Folders - folder for each project I am currently working on (ex. right now I have a folder for "Winter Retreat" "Invisible Children" and I always have an ongoing folder for all things)

ONLINE - Google - Basically a hub for nearly everything, but namely Caledars, Reader, and Email - Wordpress - Simply the best blogging platform available rightnow. Wordpress is always working on new ways to refine what they offer their users. -Facebook - Fetchbook - I never search elsewhere when buying books. Always start at fetchbook. I haven't spent more than $5-10 on a book in years. - Grooveshark - Forget about Pandora...forever. Welcome to Grooveshark - Soulpancake - Co created by Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office), this is an online community dedicated to creativity, philosophy, and discussion. I stop by here frequently when I need a boost of inspiration

MAC - Firefox - I am still open to convincing argument for switching to Chrome - iCal - This really is my lifeblood for most everything. If I don't receive an alert from one of my sync'd devices, I may not show up places. - Microsoft Word - iTalk Sync - I record all my talks with my iPhone with iTalk, and it has to be linked to the computer with Sync - Truthcasting - Where I host all my talks on the "Ragamuffinpc Ministries" Channel - iMovieHD - Caffeine - Doing for my computer what it does for me...keeping me from sleep. - Keynote - Seriously, you still use PowerPoint? *mocking snicker*

IPHONE - The norms (iCal, mail, messaging, ipod, phone, etc.) - iTalk - Foursquare - I, like you, once wondered, "What is the point exactly?" But I just.can't.stop. Plus, often after checking in, I'll have a student text me asking if I am still at that place so they can stop by. - Todo List - I live and die by my task list (and calendar) - Notes - I realize this is one of the factory apps, but I use it so much it deserves its own entry. I keep ongoing lists of: "music I want to try out" "books to read" "websites to check out" "poets I enjoy" "movies I want to see" "names of baristas as Tupelo" "Names of baristas at Old Soul" (this helps me remember to address them by name) - Dropbox - I am still learning to use this is capable of much more than I utilize...I realize this. (I have it on my mac also...obviously) - Bible - Hipstamatic - I love the different filters for the camera this one offers. - Facebook - Twitter (@ragamuffinpc) - Rhyme Time - A great resource at hand for any genre writer. (poetry, literary, scholar, student, etc.). I use it frequently. - Woot - I daily necessity. I check it more for the tshirts than anything - Sportacular - The best sports app. Set my favorite teams an any sport and get update alerts pushed to my phone.

what is in your digital toolbox?