loving people like Jesus

Breaking Jars

I sit in thought about the story of the woman who broke her alabaster jar for Jesus.  She brought and poured out something of great worth and long-saved value.  I have not really been thinking about it in the "give your ALL for Christ" mentality exactly.  I think a bit more of our call to love Christ in all our brothers and sisters around us. Now I have to wonder when was the last time I threw all caution to the wind in order to love someone...anyone around me?  When was the last time I forgot about proving points or convincing someone of the gospel through words and broke my alabaster jar instead?  When was the last time I did not just SAY, "You too are loved by God..." but actually thought it in my heart and then RELATED it to someone?

I also love the response of all the good Christian respectables around the woman.  These crazy people! (It's always easy to read a story and call people 'crazy' or 'outrageous' in Biblical stories instead of actually identifying ourselves with them).  They see this action as a giant waste...very reckless.  When was the last time I did something for someone else, which to everyone else would appear 'reckless' or 'wasteful' (you can waste more than money...like time...possessions...)

For I read this and know Jesus then says, "Leave her alone because people will be telling her story forever because SHE GETS IT!!"

So when was the last time I was reckless!

Forget that!

When is the NEXT time I WILL BE reckless!!