karl barth about graves

Resurrection without Death?

Karl Barth wrote, "Only where graves are is there resurrection." In our lives of faith, we have a desire to be close to Jesus, and we are often frustrated with the lack of closeness. More often than not, we are looking for that closeness without regard for what Jesus told us that intimacy would require of us.

Think of the ones who told Jesus they wanted to follow him. What did Jesus say would be required of them? Luke 9:23, right?

Deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow him.

We want to avoid the obedience and still get the intimacy.

We want to avoid the sacrifice and still get the blessing.

We want the resurrection without the death.

But one does not resurrect from life.

Think of the parts of your life in which you would like to see new life (resurrection).

Realize that we only see resurrection where we are willing to first die. We only get to find the new life of real connection with Jesus when we first willingly give up our stubborn desire to live life on our own terms (die).