Helplessly Prayerful

My heart is prayerful. Not exactly sure for what, but it is simply prayerful. My heart is in need of focusing on my Lord, my Love, and my Wisdom. My heart is focusing on spiritual business amidst the physical concerns. My heart is choosing Christ over my circumstances. My heart is focusing on faith rather than fear. My heart is prayerful right now. My heart is resting in my physical, emotional, and personal inability so I can learn to trust in God's capability. My heart is prayerful right now.

Word has it "Amen" means "so be it", and at this time, when I have nothing to ask nor am I seeking or hearing something I am to do, I am content at this moment in the reality my God is here, he is able, and his plan.will.happen.

And to THAT I say